Configuration Guide - The Solution to Most Issues

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Configuration Guide - The Solution to Most Issues

Post by YrbkMgr » Wed Jul 27, 2022 10:23 am


Blue Iris version 5 has different dependencies and requirements than previous versions. The vast majority of trouble tickets are resolved by addressing three things:

1. Complete each item in Step 3 from the Running as a Windows Service Checklist

2. Camera Settings - It can be confusing... especially because of different camera manufacturer software. Reolink does "this", Hikvision hides "that setting", some call it iFrame interval, some call it something else. But regardless of manufacturer, the principle is the same:

• Enable Dual Streaming
• Use these Camera Settings
Connect to BI - 6 steps using ONVIF/Discovery query
See if it's right
Blue Iris: Setting correct camera parameters for streaming - this is a very short video showing all three of those steps.

3. Recording - Record format is BVR & encoding is Direct-to-disc, and dual stream recording
BI Record Format Settings D2D 1.jpg

The Cameras tab is your best friend once you know what to look for. Here's what to look for in each camera:

• Two streams
• Key ratio = 1.00
• Both columns have exactly the same values

Any camera that doesn't meet those criteria is not providing the feed that motion detection, recording, and AI rely upon and should be checked daily. Pro Tip: Right clicking on any camera will open its settings.

The image below represents two examples of the Cameras tab and what it should look like.
Camera Stats Good Composite 0.jpg
System Logging - Each installation should have System Logging Enabled

Those three things will ensure reliable performance