Blue Iris crashes windows (VM)

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Blue Iris crashes windows (VM)

Post by daninmanchester » Tue Dec 06, 2022 11:48 am

I previously ran BI in a VM on an 8th Gen and graphics were passed through using GVT.
Since 10th gen Intel discontinued GVT in favor of SR-IOV for which there is limited / no support for.

I want BI to run in a VM using CPU only, but when I start BI the VM crashes without error.
I have tracked this down to being a graphics issue.

I think what is happening is that BI is probing for available graphics acceleration hardware when it starts.
For whatever reason, the hypervisor is not handling this properly or windows is upset about it.
The VM then crashes.
Note this is true for a clean VM and BI install.

Is there a setting (perhaps in the registry) that would enable me to disable graphics probing to test this theory?
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