BI acting very strange after CodeProject installed

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BI acting very strange after CodeProject installed

Post by kurtholz » Wed Dec 07, 2022 9:53 pm

BlueIris Version: x64

CodeProject Version: 1.6.7-Beta

PC OS: Windows 11 Home
PC Version: 10.0.22623 Build 22623
PC Processor: i7-9700k 3.6G
PC Memory: 32G

Hello. I'm having issues with BI when running codeproject. I just transitioned from DeepStack to CodeProject this morning. After doing so, BI starts responding oddly. Logs no longer show up on the BI status window (but the text file shows the generated logs), I can no longer click on the individual cameras to bring them to full screen, cameras don't reset after making changes, and browsing or changing any settings within BI is very sluggish. I've also had to "end task" in task manager when BI locked up after making a camera setting change (never did this in the several years I've been running BI). These are only the issues I've noticed, probably more.

I can disable CP in the global settings and after a reboot, all returns to normal (not sluggish, logs show in the status window, etc.).

I'm monitoring all the PC performance stats real-time and all looks normal.
- With CP enabled, CPU under 25%, GPU under 20%, and memory hovering around 40% (which is higher than deepstack).
- With CP disabled, CPU around 15%, GPU under 20%, and memory hovering around 25%.
Neither of these scenarios seem like they should hinder the workstation or BI.

CodeProject seems to be working properly on the cameras that are configured to use it, although I haven't yet started to "tune" the settings for more accurate results. I get motion increments on an event and CP seems to know whether to alert or cancel. Unfortunately, CodeProject makes BI unusable/unmanageable at the moment.

I've searched through some of the forums for potential solutions, none found.

Has anyone seen this issue, or able to point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

BI5 ( - 10 4k Cameras, 1 night color camera
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