GPU Suggestion / PC Build Review

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GPU Suggestion / PC Build Review

Post by ToddB » Wed Jan 11, 2023 8:54 pm

Hey All,

I have been running BI for a few years but on an old machine that could barely handle the load - if I tried to playback or do anything remotely, it'd crash - and my video is critical for liability. I want to ask about GPU and also see if anyone sees anything wrong with my current build:
  • Intel I9 12th Gen
  • Samsung 980 500GB Drive for OS & BI Database only
  • MSI Z690 Motherboard
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • Adaptec ASR8805 RAID Card with battery backed write cache
  • 4x WD Purple Pro 18TB (will soon add 4 more for 8x
I'm running 10x Lorex 4K Varifocal cams currently; will likely add 2-4 more and migrate to Hikvision ColorVu. I need currently 24x7 recording unless/until I perfect motion and AI to never miss anything on the property and link cameras because I need to capture any breach on the perimeter and anything that happens before/after.

Currently I'm not running anything Nvidia for AI - how important is this? I've had my eye on an Nvidia Tesla since they have like 4,000 CUDA cores and don't do graphics (which I don't need) - currently just using onboard Intel graphics. All recording is direct-to-disc and storing as long as possible. Are there any issues with an older Tesla card vs. a newer graphics card? Will I see much of a difference in AI, or is there a newer card I should really be looking at?

Feel free to ask any questions, call me an idiot, whatever - to see if I've got a good setup here. I currently record everything to a large single 50TB RAID5 array built from the WD Purple Pro drives. Recording seems perfectly fine. Playback in 4K sometimes struggles more than I'd like - so I try to review from the substream and only go to 4K as needed or for export. Overall it's a massive improvement from my old 6th Gen i5 with a single 10TB WD Purple drive.

Thx all - just trying to get this right - it's a big investment but it's for personal liability protection so I can't screw this up.
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Re: GPU Suggestion / PC Build Review

Post by TimG » Thu Jan 12, 2023 6:18 pm

That's a lot of info, and I'm a home user so I'll break it down a bit.
1. Your pc sounds powerful. What is the cpu load and memory usage like for BI5 ?
2. I keep all BI5 folders away from Windows after having Windows break other programs over the years.
3. Check your present GPU usage in Windows/ Task Manager/ GPU to see how much it is being used. I stopped BI5 using my cpu's gpu for (de)coding when sub-streams became a thing.
4. Nvidia for AI ? It depends on your identification times. I don't have all of my cameras using AI, and CPAI only running on a i7-8700k cpu gives 80ms identifications. I believe version 2 of CPAI will use the Intel gpu built in to the cpu, so I will check what effect that has - but my BI5 pc is running at 3% cpu load until CPAI starts doing its stuff. I do have a few more cameras in a box ready to fit !
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